Taurus horoscope today february 5 2020

Saturn in this life sector indicates two-and-a-half years of hard work with, unfortunately, scant recognition. Enter Pluto, planet of transformation—also defined as major change.

Taurus 2020 love horoscope: Reflect on what YOU want

This tiny planet does everything on a grand scale, but its roots run deep and its influence is slow and steady, eroding the past to make way for the future. Saturn in Libra will square off with Pluto during the final two months of the year to push you to step outside your current life and take action. But this duo also indicates frustration in moving forward. The bottom line?

The planetary scenario may develop like this as progresses: Your ambition will come alive, prompting you to aim for bigger and better as Jupiter and Neptune work their magic. And you may have some initial success and even earn a promotion, but the wind will shift later in the year. Then you could be disappointed to discover that education or training separate you from your goal.

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You might also become disillusioned with your current career path and decide to return to school to pursue your new dream. How much longer will you have to wait for real change to happen? Venus comes home to your sign on March 4 and conjoins Uranus there on the eighth, reminding you that loving yourself means being yourself—no matter what anyone else thinks.

Venus spends an unusually long time in Gemini in this year April 3-August 7 , and her retrograde in that sign May June 24 gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you love, value, and desire most in life. And this year, the effects are rippling out into all areas of your life.

Taurus 2020 Horoscope

Both inner and outer conflicts arise in the second half of the year, especially while Mars is retrograde in Aries September 9-November This energy is likely to play out in family dynamics—especially with your siblings, cousins, or in-laws. As you continue to evolve, your family will be challenged to evolve too—whether they like it or not!

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Year of Loving yourself is a radical act, Taurus. Still, anything can happen—especially in March, when Venus transits your sign and hooks up with Uranus on the eighth.

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