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You will make some long term work planning, but you need to keep a control over your expenses. You may get involved in some social gatherings with friends. Avoid augmenting with any close friend or relative in second quarter of the year. Try to stay in coordination with your colleagues because one of them might help you achieve real success.

You have a natural flair for leadership.

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It is always very difficult for you to be subjugated by anybody or to follow orders blindly from anyone. The second half of the year will be most favorable for you to acquire some real wealth and fixed assets. You must avoid speculation and gambling in any form. For love and romance, this year may be fruitful as well. You will need to be careful in the first quarter months as problems related to diabetes, thyroid malfunction can come up.

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You will be keen to invest in a separate activity that becomes a source of income generation for you. You might have to travel unexpectedly at the end of February but it would be a rewarding experience. After a very good run you might be flexible to accept certain changes. Tours and travels locally and internationally will be important this year.

If your business is linked globally, you are likely to progress significantly. There are indications of progress for those in areas related to academics, areas, art, technology, literature, beauty and management. You would experience a positive and much rewarding change or a desired transfer this year. You have a good job and sound health, what else is more important!

You take solace in organization, and like it very much when everything is in order. This year, you will find that fundamental personality traits will be challenged, as is a year of change for you. Incomplete work will be restored and completed with the help of a friend.

You will do more physical hard work than mental. You may go on a work related trip suddenly. These journeys will fetch you benefits. Without considering all the pros and cons and without evaluating every aspect of your relationship, you should not enter into matrimony. You should be careful as muscle pain, ligament injury or sprains are indicated in the middle of the year. If you engage in a new kind of marketing altogether and innovative advertising, there will be better chances of success.

There are good chances for eligible individuals for getting married. Your inclination towards religion and spirituality would increase in the last few months of the year. Positive results can be reflected in technology, management, leadership and competitive sectors as your knowledge and intellectual level would be high. Your dedication and efforts from the past in different areas of life would lead you during towards new opportunities and achievements.

Luck will throw a flashlight upon you and you could earn name and fame for your good deeds during the past. All of your hard work and dedication will begin to pay off in all elements of life, be they career, family, love, health or money. Family members will support you. Children will bring bliss to your life. By the end of the year, your financial situation may get better. New sources of income can be found. Invested money will benefit you. Those who are pursuing higher education will achieve expected results.

You are a person with a strong attitude, sharp mind and a quick grasp, and you will have excellent communication skills. You may be quite busy at work, but this hard work will fetch you success. Try to finish your responsibilities within the deadline and this will bring benefits in the second half of the year. There could be a birth in the family too. You may gain a higher position at work or maybe a new project will come your way. Income would increase sharply after March Your concentration will improve. Hard work and focus are the secret of success. You will study more, which will fetch you better results during this course of education.

This year, you will focus more on bringing in the luxury items at home. Someone in your family might also develop intuitive powers. Think about something new for the expansion of your business. Your planned work will also be accomplished. You will feel amazed with the quality of your work and your rivals will praise you in the last quarter of the year. The year demands intelligence for investing in business.

You may have to take out a personal loan to fulfil the daily requirements of home. No matter which status of life you are born into, rich or poor, you will have to work really hard with consistency to make progress in your profession and career.

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If you are planning to study abroad, you may get admission into a prestigious university. In the second half of the year, you will experience improvement in your financial situation.

Additionally, you may also get old debts back, which will make you feel quite relieved. Invest carefully in the share market. Any thoughts of investing in speculation and betting should be ignored. If your life partner is working, they could get name and fame. You will be moving in influential circles in society. Being within a social circle would bring inspiration and motivation. You may also encounter a new source of income. The Universe acknowledges that you've been striving hard to reach your goals and the rewards will be plentiful during this year.

If you want to pursue higher education abroad, new opportunities are expected. The movement of planets suggests the time is positive for those who want to participate in competitive exams. By the second half of the year, due to a feeling of improvement in compatibility, you will be able to spend beautiful moments with your life partner. You may receive praise and respect for your hard work. Those who want to travel abroad for career growth can expect this time to be good for them.

Professions involving communication and interactions with people will be best suitable for you. You relationship front is one of the most exciting as well as the most challenging aspect for you this year. Those who are in jobs will get increment due to promotion. Put all your energy in your new project and double your efforts. There are chances of an addition to the family by way of a marriage or a birth. You will feel as if you're being tested, in strength and character, with different issues during the first four months, but a constant reinforcement of your innate positively will help you sail through.

By the end of the year, your reputation will enhance and you will receive more sources of income. You may get new sources of income after July. Additionally, if you are a businessman, you will get opportunities for new ventures. Romantic relationships will blossom, but you need to be understanding and accommodative. You would think a lot about yourself and your reputation. You want to feel respected and important. Your life partner will be more devoted towards you and may increase the prestige of your family.

Love and romance this year for you will also be very exciting as well as challenging. There are chances of earning more by the end of the year. You may receive money due to success in business.

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Chances of acquiring property or buying a house are indicated during the initial months. You would feel more connected to your religious views and would perform good deeds. You will find great surprises and rewards if you stick close to home this year; your familial and personal relationships will strengthen.

You have wanted to make some serious changes to your heaven for some time now. The year looks fabulous for love matters, foretells the predictions. Remember to keep those occasional moody moments and tiny tantrums under control. Even a long term family conflict can be resolved in There will be chances of you having sudden luck where a handsome monetary reward could be yours.

The Universe is asking you to focus all of your attention on domestic issues this year. Working natives must balance their relationship positively with their juniors. If you are a businessman, you will get opportunities to improve your business. The coming year will be rife with professional challenges. You could become insecure around your current job or around prospects if you are seeking a new one.

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In this duration, you will have to put in extra effort to make money. In business, the movement of finances will stay constant. If you were planning to work abroad or set up a business there, this time may prove to be positive for you. You will discover a new strength of mind, body and spirit.

There could be a movement of office space to a higher floor level. There will be opportunities for implementing innovations at work. Gain through legacy or inheritance is indicated. There is the likelihood of a wedding within the family. There could also be the birth of a child. You are a true pleasure seeker and promises to bring you a great deal of that which you love most, my friend.

Investing in the share market will be lucrative this year. It might give you unexpected benefits. If we talk about students, the year will prove to be awesome.

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You will keep on receiving guidance from a qualified teacher, which will help you immensely. Someone will repay monies given by you for help a long time back. You will be very proactive and will take many initiatives and make new efforts to improve your profession and career and your relationship front.

If a new opportunity to treat yourself comes along, don't hesitate to jump, and always keep your energy dazzling and optimistic, no matter what new obstacles attempt to obscure your path. Parents will also help you in making many things better. New work plans will be made, which will make you successful. This time will be full of bliss. Love and emotions will increase in your behavior. Being impressed by your disciplined behavior, your family will be happy with you. Praise by others makes you happy like a child, even though at times praise is unreasonable or false.

Your finances are stable, and you won't see too much fluctuation in money matters until the year's end. As sultry Venus enters passionate Scorpio from today feelings can intensify and could be very compelling at times. We may need to tread with care over coming days as Mercury opposes Uranus and the Sun angles towards Saturn.

Today's merger between the Moon in Capricorn and cleansing Pluto can bring intense feelings to the surface. Today's Quarter Moon in Capricorn can represent a first milestone in a plan or project and brings an opportunity for key decisions. With fiery Mars moving into Libra from today for a six week stay we may devote a lot of energy to our relationships and to enhancing our social life.

Potent Pluto turns direct from today in the sign of Capricorn which can allow us to direct our power and focus to the outside world. Articulate Mercury moves into Scorpio from tomorrow which can see us digging deep to get to the heart of key issues issue. Lovely Venus angles awkwardly towards potent Pluto, which can bring compelling feelings and energies into the mix.

The Moon in Scorpio opposes restless Uranus in Taurus, which can leave us feeling a little antsy and unable to settle so easily. Venus glides into Scorpio, joining with Mercury like the planet of talk of thought and goes face to face with the unpredictable Uranus. We can expect some things to develop suddenly this week, but opportunities can emerge.

Our relationships are much in focus this month and with Mars powering into Libra on the 4th, for singleton's this can provide the surge of energy to interact more passionately. This year, the Christian festival of Palm Sunday falls on the 9th April and commemorates Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Hindus all over the world will be celebrating Rama Navami in some areas the festivities can last up to nine days Tap for more Want to add some colour to your life? Holi is the great Hindu spring festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil and the end of winter.

March 1st is mostly associated with St. Find out more Tap for more The 5th September sees the celebration of a very special birthday, Lord Ganesha. Find out more Oswald was a King of Northumbria and today we celebrate the feast day of St. Oswald today Lammas is an old festival which in the Christian tradition honours the first part of the harvest The Northern Hemisphere are beginning to enter what are sometimes called the Dog Days, when the weather is warmest Whatever the weather is today, it will remain so for forty days unless the weather changes on the 11th June St Barnabas Day Tap for more May , the astronauts on board Apollo 10 were having an unusual conversation about hearing music from outside their spacecraft With romantic stirrings of St.

This month is the start of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar which is observed by Muslims everywhere as a month of fasting, find out more The nearest Saturday to the 8th May sees the population of Helston in Cornwall swell as the crowds gather for the annual Furry Dance. The 1st of May is an ancient fertility festival shall we? It reaches back to Celtic times when it was celebrated as Beltane, find out more When you think of Mayday the image of maypoles most likely come to mind, did you know it's origins are actually Pagan, find out more Visiting somewhere with a large Chinese population and looking for a lucky charm, you may get a disc with a whole in it called a Pi The 5th March is St Piran's Day, one of three saints who vie for the honour of being the patron saint of Cornwall Imbolc is the time of year when Pagan folk begin to look forward to spring, St Brigid's day and Candlemas Today, Sharon Osbourne, celebrates her Birthday Call my Live Psychics now 1.

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