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This is the time of year when real insights are possible. So, take a little time to reflect. This is also a great time to have a party! Just a suggestion—you might want to back it off just a tick. Some of you naturally tend to dominate conversations. You could come off as being pushy. Most of you will be in a good mood this month, maybe not the entire month, but at least part of it.

January 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Leo

Sounds like a party to me. Things should be just peachy for most of you this month. You must get pretty bored with people telling you how bitchen you are all the time. Well, not to worry! Around the last week of the month you might find your foot in your mouth and your head up your ass! Cancer cuspers may have some trouble on the home front brewing that could go on for months. Some of you will be full of charm and charisma but others will be tense and have a hard time thinking clearly. You may lash out in anger, probably for no good reason.

Not to worry! You should be in a better mood in time for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving! Some of you may be in a really pissy mood, especially Virgo cuspers. Everything should be peachy after mid month for most of you. Some of you can expect good news. An authority figure or an older person may benefit you. So if Santa shows up and grabs his sack, he may pull out a really big surprise for you! You appear very confident, but on first meeting are extremely wary and cautious.

Maybe attracted into the limelight and being before the public, but suffer stagefright more than other signs. A born leader and organiser, you can be generous of yourself and will help those who ask. To some you appear dogmatic, patronising, conceited and snobbish, to others a loyal friend who will back them to the hilt. Trust is extremely important. Your life lesson may be to recognise your own human failings, whilst allowing those around you the freedom to be themselves.

LEO JANUARY 2019 Horoscope Psychic Tarot Reading [Lamarr Townsend Tarot]

The Sun is the Ruling Planet for Leo. The Sun is portrayed in every ancient civilisation as the giver of Life. Without the warmth and energy we received from the Sun, we would not survive. The Sun can burn if you do not respect it sufficiently. Each of the 12 signs is represented by a Symbol and if you look closely at these symbols you will see they do reflect many of the characteristics of their sign.

On another note, the first eclipse of the month will shed light on the darkest parts of your psyche, bringing new beginnings to your intimate unions.

Uranus ends its retrograde today.

There will be a lot of "me vs. The sun joined Saturn and Pluto in your seventh house of partnerships, and you're finally getting clarity in regards to your relationships. This has been a prominent theme for you, since the beginning of last year, and you're finally coming face-to-face with your truth. When Venus enters Sagittarius, and your practical sixth house of routine, you will be greeted with a pleasurable work environment, and good spirits.

On another note, the first eclipse of the month will bring drastic changes to your relationship sector. Who will make the cut? Your mind, body, and soul, will be top of mind this month, Leo. Are you happy with your current routine?

The sun will be energizing your practical sixth house of health, responsibility, and daily duties, so don't hesitate to rid yourself of what no longer serves your day-to-day life. Venus will also enter Sagittarius, and your flirty fifth house of creativity, so don't be surprised if you suddenly feel extra charming and playful. This energy is totally your scene. Lastly, the first eclipse of the month can bring new beginnings to your current work situation, and mindset.

Leo September Monthly Horoscope Predictions | jogaciqujupo.ml

Remember, your peace of mind always comes first, Leo. Listen here, Virgo, there's so much happening for you this year, in regards to your creativity and unique expression, and well, January will give you a little preview of all that's to come. For starters, the sun is energizing your playful fifth house of fun, romance, and individual truth, and with Saturn and Pluto there, you'll finally come face-to-face with what's been stopping you from tapping into your artistic side. In fact, the first eclipse of the month will shed light on what makes you completely different from everyone else, and all I can say is, welcome home.

Cheer up, Libra darling. January is a new beginning for you, and with the sun energizing your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional security, you'll be ready to kick back, and spend time with your loved ones.

October 12222 Monthly Horoscopes

Granted, there have been a number of significant changes in your life, but you can't deny that you've also learned the true meaning of strength. Your ruling planet Venus enters Sagittarius on Jan. However, on another note, the first eclipse of the month will remind you of your roots and family legacy. You'll want to tend to your emotional body during this time. Are you going to pencil me in, Scorpio? Looks like you've got a lot going on this month, and with the sun energizing your chatty third house of communications, technology, and immediate community, your agenda will be booked with social gatherings, and sporadic meet-ups, but what's next?

Well, Venus enters Sagittarius, and your money-hungry second house on Jan. There are positive encounters in sight, as well as on the socio-professional field, the two will be mixed.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Your susceptibility is awake, make sure you do not get indignant at a simple misunderstanding. Work and Career You will have the chance to slow down the pace of the most repetitive tasks, which will allow you to focus more on the important things. More calm around you will not be luxury.

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Here is the time to take some work and go deep into the details. The pursuit of your projects is facilitated, as well as the learning of new techniques and knowledge. Money and Luck You will be able to slow down the pace, financially.

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  • In general, you will have fewer emergencies to manage, and more thought and reflection work to do. Your best efforts are in this area. You will finally have free time to reorganize for next year, especially on technical areas, which will free you and give you creative space. Health Your form will be more harmonious, this last week of the year , you will feel naturally that the jolts of effort do not suit you.

    This is already a big step towards inner peace.